While Malta has a host of activities to keep the intrepid traveller occupied, it would be a shame to miss out on Malta’s sister island, Gozo.While Gozo only covers an area of 67km2, don’t think that you can enjoy Gozo in just a day. Gozo’s varied entertainment has something to suit everyone’s taste – and thanks to our luxury chauffeur service you’ll be able to enjoy all that Gozo has to offer in style!

A luxury chauffeur service to drop you off at your scenic farmhouse

Undoubtedly the best way to make the most out of Gozo is to spend a few days at one of Gozo’s many villas or farmhouses. Besides having a base to co-ordinate all your excursions from, several villas and farmhouses offer unparalleled, breathtaking views which can be enjoyed from the comfort of your own balcony or poolside! These houses range from the ultra-luxurious to renovated centuries-old village homes, so you’re sure to find something to suit your tastes. Almost all farmhouses and villas are tucked away in Gozo’s traditional villages, a luxury chauffeur service can escort you through Gozo’s winding streets and drop you off right at the door of your new home away from home!

Soak in the sights with a luxury chauffeur service

What Gozo lacks in size, it more than makes up for in gorgeous views which serve as excellent backdrops for your photographs! From the tiny chapels that dot the Gozitan countryside, ancient rolling hills and valleys, historic aqueducts and natural landmarks such as Calypso’s Cave and Fungus Rock, each inspiring their fair share of legends and folklore! But perhaps the most iconic feature is Gozo’s unequalled skyline with the ancient fortified city of Cittadella casting its shadow across the island. Explore all that Gozo has to offer, and learn about its unique heritage along the way, with our luxury chauffeur service which will guide you through Gozo’s best-kept secrets!

Dive into Gozo’s sports with a luxury chauffeur service

Gozo’s distinctive landscape has helped to establish the island as a centre for a wide array of adventurous sports for the daring athlete. By far the most popular of these sports is diving. Home to some of the best diving spots in the Mediterranean, Gozo’s numerous diving spots have varying degrees of difficulties. Whether you’ve never dived before and are looking to whet your appetite or you’re a seasoned diving veteran looking for a challenge, Gozo’s underwater landscape is definitely not to be missed!

If you prefer to keep legs on land however, why not experience the thrill of abseiling and rock climbing? Gozo’s crags and scarred rock faces have kept climbers entertained for decades thanks to its naturally dry and rocky landscapes. Whatever your sports itch, our luxury chauffeur service can drive you and your equipment to some of the best spots on the island!

Unwind in a Spa with a luxury chauffeur service

Maybe you’re looking to indulge in a bit of pampering. Gozo has long been regarded as the idyllic getaway island by both tourists and the Maltese thanks to its unspoilt landscapes and spectacular coastlines. And what better way to treat yourself than with a five-star spa treatment? Each of Gozo’s spa centres offers its own therapies to help you decompress, ranging from saunas, jacuzzis to steam rooms. And if you’re really looking to unwind, why not make use of our luxury chauffeur service to help you get to and from your spa treatment with as a little stress and hassle as possible?

Enjoy a refined Opera with a luxury chauffeur service

Opera has been the height of Western culture and sophistication for centuries, an art form that was once exclusively reserved for nobility and royalty. Despite its small population, Gozo boasts two opera houses, each of which puts on at least one fully staged opera a year, as well as other productions throughout the year. Step into the captivating world of opera and theatre, and experience art to its fullest form! There’s no better way to fully embrace the opulence and elegance that opera offers than by being escorted by a luxury chauffeur service!

While Malta’s sister island is considerably smaller, Gozo has a rich variety to keep everyone entertained! From unspoilt countryside and exciting excursions to luxurious spa treatments and sophisticated opera, you’ll be hard-pressed to find an island that offers as much variety! And thanks to our luxury chauffeur service, you can enjoy all Gozo has to offer, and more, from the comfort of your personal chauffeur service! Whatever your interests, no visit to Malta is complete without indulging in Gozo!